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Some initiatives focusing on presence included:

  • setting strategic and annual targets for Māori achievement
  • providing personal contact with parents and whānau, including home visits or appointing a home or iwi liaison person
  • establishing mentor programmes
  • involving students in goal setting
  • building teachers’ knowledge and understanding of te reo Maori
  • highlighting role models
  • engaging restorative practices
  • developing Māori leadership programmes
  • increasing opportunities for cultural participation and leadership
  • targeting elements of pastoral care for Māori students including assisting and supporting parents and whānau (e.g. referrals to community agencies, provision of supplementary food)
  • establishing whānau or home rooms
  • increasing community involvement in the school through home-school partnership
  • sharing data with whānau
  • establishing a whānau committee or support group.

Promoting Success for Maori Students: Schools’ Progress, Education Review Office, June 2010 p13, P16

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